Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
Activities: Fishing in the Tambopata River with local ancient techniques, La Torre Clay Licks, Fishing in the La Torre Lakes, Sport Fishing in the Tres Chimbadas Lake, Caiman spotting
Includes: Transport, Lodging, All Meals, Guide specialized in fishing

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Day 1

Your guide will be waiting for you at the airport and take you to our office located approximately 5 minutes from the airport in the city of Puerto Maldonado. Here we will register and make some last minute shopping for things we might have forgot such as batteries or raingear.

Afterwards we will take an unpaved road to Puerto Nuevo, our port in the Infierno Community, for about one hour. On our journey we can see small creeks and Mauritia Palm swamps. Your guide will give you more detailed information about the importance of these eco- systems in the headwaters of the Tambopata River and the varieties of fish they contain

Once in Puerto Nuevo we will embark on our one and a half hour boat trip up the mighty Tambopata. Meanwhile your guide will introduce you to the local hydrographic system showing you currents, rip curls, pools and shallows. All with their characteristic inhabitants that we might get to fish in the days to come.

During the boat ride we will also have lunch consisting of delicious vegetarian Arroz Chaufa wrapped in the leaf of the bijao heliconia. There will also be fruit, crackers and a bottle of water.

Arrival at INOTAWA Lodge

Upon your arrival you will be met by our administrator and your guide will give you some recommendations in order for you to be able to enjoy your stay to the maximum. He will then show you the different areas of the lodge and your room.

Fishing in the Tambopata River

We will start by setting up the “espinero”. This is a line of approximately 100m traversing the river which has hooks attached to it every few meters. Afterwards we will take up our posts on strategic points along the river bank in order to fish with rods. We will be likely to catch various types of catfish, Pacos and the strange dogfish or chambira as it is locally known.

Afterwards we will have dinner, evaluate the days fishing and coordinate next day’s activities with our guide.


Day 2

La Torre Clay Lick

Early in the morning we take the boat upriver from INOTAWA for about 10 minutes. From within the shelter of our hideout we can observe the activity of macaws, parrots and parakeets feeding on the clay rich earth.

Upon our return to INOTAWA we will have breakfast and prepare to leave for the La Torre Lakes.

La Torre Lakes

These well conserved lakes within the Tambopata National Reserve are home to rare and exotic species. Inotawa is supporting projects which are in the process of recording and identifying them right now.

We will travel approximately 20 minutes upriver. Here we will begin our 30 minute hike to Patococha Lake. At this lake we will fish the way the local inhabitants of the La Torre community do, with a throwing net called tarrafa.

We will be back for lunch in INOTAWA. Here we will also prepare the equipment we will use in the Tres Chimbadas Lake.

Fishing in Tres Chimbadas Lake

The boat will take us downriver for about 15 minutes to the point where we will start our 30 minute walk to the Tres Chimbadas Lake.

A classic Amazonian Oxbow Lake it was once part of the river. These lakes are inhabited by various species of challenging catfish locally known as doncellas and huasacos as well as the emblematic piranhas.

On the lake we will move silently using a traditional catamaran propelled by a tail oar. Once we find an adequate place we can start fishing!
While fishing we can appreciate the surrounding view and luscious vegetation. We might see some birds, among them Hoatzins, Anhingas and Amazonian Kingfishers as well as reptiles like side-neck turtles and black Caimans or even the elusive Giant River Otter, maximum predator of the lake.

Caiman Spotting

At dusk we will walk back to the boat where we have a powerful searchlight. We will use this searchlight looking for nocturnal activity of caimans, capybaras and birds on the banks of the Tambopata River.

BBQ and Camp fire

Farewell with an amazon style BBQ (three types of meat, grilled plantain, yuca, fish wrapped in heliconia leafs, salads and pisco sour).


Day 3

After an early breakfast we will return to the INOTAWA office in Puerto Maldonado and then on to the airport. Your guide will accompany you until the airport and help you with the check-in process for your flight back to Cusco or Lima.   


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